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Is it fair?


One of the top questions we get asked when people talk about their financial separation agreement. What they generally mean is, “Is it fair in the eyes of the law?”.

The question we ask in response is, “Help us to understand why it’s important for you to know whether your agreement legally fair?” The answer that generally comes back is, “Well, it isn’t, not really. I mean, I just want to know if our agreement is going to get rejected by the Court or not”.

From experience, though, we know that at the core of this person’s response is their deep fear that they will agree to an outcome that will hurt them financially (whether right now or some time into the future). The reality is everyone wants peace of mind that they’re not being hard-done-by, “screwed over” or “ripped off” as part of their financial split.

Despite some people saying, “Where does the court get off telling us whether or not our agreement is fair if we agree to it? It’s not their business”, they still want that check and balance. They want an independent measure of what’s fair and appropriate to themselves and their partner. After all, no-one wants to hear their former partner saying that to them or to their kids in the future that they “ripped [them] off.”

The point of this blog is to give you confidence. So, let us do just that.

Of the separating couples who we work with, we estimate that more than 95% will reach an agreement together about their financial split that’s already within the range of what the law says is “fair” (the legal term being just and equitable). These couples will do this with little to no lawyer involvement or legal advice.

The agreement these couples reach is based on their gut feelings—what feels right to them morally, the alignment of their interests and goals for themselves and their family, and their decision and commitment to separate together.

You need direction—you need the right information at the right time to help you in separating together.

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Key takeaways:

  • The majority of couples who we work with will reach a financial separation agreement together that’s within the legal fairness range, with little to no lawyer involvement or legal advice
  • The court’s approval of financial separation agreements is there to provide a check and balance of fair to quell
  • Need some direction? Get it. Book in for Directions. CLICK HERE.