Separation & Divorce 101
is the starting place for anyone separating or thinking about it.

Separation & Divorce 101 is a series of Online Events (live and on demand) providing you with need-to-know information about what’s involved to divorce or separate, reach an agreement and make it all official.

Separation & Divorce 101 series includes topics:

All things Children

  • Care & living arrangements (child custody)
  • Financial support (child support)
  • Adult child maintenance

All things Financial

  • Property settlement–splitting the assets, debts & super 
  • Superannuation
  • Maintenance (alimony)

Practical Guidance & Info

  • Ways to reach agreement together to avoid court
  • The AMICABLE Method
  • Our LEADR to Yes communication method


Save yourself time and money and minimise or remove the need for lawyer involvement by getting clear on your financial split. 

Understand in simple terms what needs to happen for you and your partner to reach an agreement about who keeps what (your financial split) and how to make it all official. 

Topic 1: The Relevance of the Law

  • The legal principles that guide and inform ‘fair’ financial splits in the eyes of the law
  • Practical exercises you can DIY to get clear on what’s available to be split ie. the pie (assets, debts, superannuation)
  • How to get clear on values for the pie

Topic 2: Reaching An Agreement 

  • The different ways you can reach an agreement with your partner that don’t avoid court
  • How to narrow what needs to be agreed on

Topic 3: Making Your Agreement Official

  • The different ways you can make your agreement official (Binding Financial Agreement versus a Financial Consent Order)
  • The steps involved to make your agreement official
  • Reasons for making your agreement official

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Start 2022 afresh and become a new you! This 60 minute Live Event is for those thinking about or who’ve recently separated and are struggling with the decisions that need to be made to move forward with separating.

Learn how to make deliberate and intentional decisions about your relationship and the immediate next steps so that you can can achieve the very best outcomes for you and your family. 

Become settled and assured in your decisions.

Gain clarity on the outcome you want and need. 

Discover a way forward that works for you. 

Topic 1: Decisions

  • What’s involved to come to terms with the decision to separate
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

Topic 2: The Outcome

  • The steps involved and what to expect when it comes to court
  • How to get clear on what an acceptable outcome looks like for you
  • The different methods of getting to an acceptable outcome with your partner

Topic 3: The Way Forward

  • Learn how to start your separation off on the right foot by avoiding the common mistakes people make 
  • Tips for working together with your partner as a team 
  • The separate together method and process

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Most frequent questions and answers

Our Separation & Divorce 101 series is presented by Siobhan Mullins, founder of Separate Together. 

At 31 years, Siobhan is a multi-award winning, collaboratively trained family lawyer and best selling author. Siobhan comes from a big family herself, and knows just how important relationships are. 

Siobhan’s straightforward, common sense and human centered approach to helping people GSD (get s**t done) makes for an engaging, lively event.

The price of our Events range between $15 – 25. We pay it forward, making giving impacts to B1G1, a NFP social enterprise. 

For example, where you buy ‘Splitting The Pie’ (recorded), we give 30 days of free education to girls living in Kenya. 

Yes! And it can be a great idea too because you’ll receive the same information at the same time together. 

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