We don’t like going to Court because:

  1. We can see value in the other process options to assist couples to reach an agreement, that are faster and significantly cheaper and less costly emotionally.
  2. Neither you nor the lawyers have any real control over what happens at Court.
  3. There is no certainty about cost, time or outcome.
  4. We know that you’ve got better things to spend your money on than paying lawyers’ fees.
  5. You never know who your opposing lawyer is going to be, meaning that the Court proceedings can drag on and on if the lawyer your partner has is prone to fighting tooth and nail over every little thing (or is not a very good lawyer). Things can drag out and become incredibly tedious and frustrating, especially when an outcome is so obvious and so easily attainable.
  6. The definition of ‘winning’ means something different to each and every person. In our experience, there is rarely someone who has gone to Court and feels that they have ‘won’ on all fronts.

We’re different from your traditional run of the mill family law firms being that we work with those separating individuals or couples who are capable of reaching an agreement. You engage us to assist you to do just that.

We don’t go to Court and we don’t provide legal representation in Court proceedings.

Call us  today on (02) 6100 3629 for a consultation with our experienced family lawyers who can navigate you through the separation process.

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