By online financial ‘Separation Agreements’.

These are not legally binding, recognised or enforceable. Although cheap, they are wrought with problems! The only way to have your financial agreement recognised is to have it documented properly in either a Binding Financial Agreement or Consent Orders. We specialise in preparing the necessary documents to formalise your financial agreement in the most cost effective and time efficient way. The agreements that we prepare are binding and legally enforceable. See our blog on Separation Agreements and Why You Wouldn’t Do One

That you can formalise your financial agreement properly by yourself.

A lawyer specialising and practicing in family law, who understands the in and outs of the family law system can document your financially agreement in a way that is most advantageous to you, tax effective and binding.

That you don’t need to formalise your financial agreement.

You do! Especially if you want to save money on stamp duty and prevent your partner from making future claims against you for more assets. See our blog on ‘Why Should We formalise our financial agreement?’

By people saying that you are not ‘entitled’ to a split of your partner’s superannuation.
Depending on your circumstances, you might just be!

That 50/50 is a ‘fair deal’ for you and your partner.

That you have to get legal advice to enter into a legal agreement.

Depending on the type of agreement that you want to have formalised, you do not have to get independent legal advice in order to enter into it (although we generally recommend that you do).

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