For anyone who has had a go at preparing their own financial separation agreement paperwork, you’ll know that the Court’s form is not exactly user friendly.

We’re talking specifically about the Application for Consent Orders document (what we call the ‘numbers document’) is a lovely 26 pages long, plus 12 pages of instructions and includes some very legal questions. It is a ‘protected document’, which means making changes to the form is just so easy! (You’ll appreciate our sarcasm here if you’ve tried to use this form). We’ve therefore created our own online Application for Consent Orders questionnaire to make life easier for YOU.

For FREE, you can auto-populate your answers into the Application for Consent Orders document. 

This means less time filling out the confusing paperwork!

How does it work? 

  1. Simply answer the online questions as best you can using our form. 
  2. Hit submit. 
  3. You’ll then receive your email copy in word of your draft Application for Consent Orders document. 

As a value add, you’ll also receive some additional free information that we’ve prepared and suggested instructions on how to finalise, sign and lodge your financial separation agreement paperwork (aka Financial Consent Orders) with the Court.

The second document that you’ll need to make your financial separation agreement official (in Financial Consent Orders) is the Proposed Orders by Consent (more formally known as the Terms of Settlement or Minute of Consent Orders). You can prepare your own draft Proposed Orders by Consent document. Get started now.

Separation has never been made so simple. 

We offer a Hold Your Hand service option, which means that you can get us to review your draft agreement documents for a fixed price of $770.

To get started, visit our Online Store to prepare your own Application for Consent Orders for FREE for a limited time.

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