We get it. The lawyer stereotype exists for a reason. We probably all know someone who has gone through a horrible divorce, which went on for years and their lawyer charged them an arm and a leg. And there are certainly divorce lawyers out there who do that and will add fuel to a fire unnecessarily! The truth is that traditional divorce lawyers make their money in going to Court.

We’re not saying though that all divorce lawyers are bad. Like eggs, there can be good ones and bad ones.

In Zoe Durand’s newly published book, ‘Inside Family Law’ one of our Federal Circuit Court Family Law Judges, Judge Joe Harman, has been quoted as saying that when it comes to our family law legal system, he thinks that:

one of the problems is that there’s sic been a falling down of the legal process in terms of how lawyers have come to be viewed and how some lawyers see themselves”. His Honour states that “some [lawyers] have become aggressive mouthpieces, champions of people rather than zealous advisers who tell people what’s actually going to happen … recent cases have highlighted horribly aggressive lawyering.

We like to think of ourselves as a ‘good egg’—a good divorce law firm. We don’t go to Court. Instead, we specialise in working with people to help them prepare their separation agreement paperwork, eliminating or minimising lawyer involvement. We’ve used technology to help make this happen where people can prepare their own draft separation agreement paperwork online and not even have to speak with a lawyer if they don’t want to.

We’ve made the decision to focus on the separation agreement space because we believe (like His Honour Judge Harman) that lawyers can be problematic when it comes to helping separating couples have a peaceful, quick divorce and stay out of the Court system.
So, the way that we avoid the horribly aggressive lawyering is that we say ‘no’.
We say no to those couples who aren’t committed to staying out of the Court system and we say no to those people who we don’t think will get value out of working with us and vice versa.
We’re a divorce firm here to help. If any of this hits a cord with you, we’d love to hear from you.

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