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Deception, Lies & an Amicable Divorce


Deception and lies: numero uno big mistake to having a simple separation or amicable divorce. Let me explain why.

One the ‘benefits’ I guess you could call it, in being a family lawyer, is seeing the mistakes that people make when separating that cause the relationship to take a deep turn south. These mistakes can really cause the legal separation process to be that much more difficult, complicated and expensive than it needs to be.

In seeing those mistakes, I try to steer my clients clear of making them and I also know what not to do in my own personal relationships.

Personal story now, I ended a relationship and discovered after ending it, that he’d repeatedly lied to me and been dishonest. Perhaps it’s small minded of me but it’s tainted what I think of that relationship and what I think of him now as a person. Now, I was fortunate not to have had kids with him or have to work through a property settlement with him as I wouldn’t have been able to trust him, let alone anything he had to say.

Imagine having to work through your separation with your partner after they’ve lied to you or you’ve lied to them and they’ve found out? It can become that much more difficult than it needs to be.

Trust is something that is so fragile when you think about it. If you break someone’s trust, it’s extremely hard to build back up.

Honesty (to a certain extent) and transparency in your actions are, from my perspective, pretty critical in having an amicable divorce or simple separation, whatever you want to call it.


If you need direction, advice or help towards achieving a simple separation, then do get in touch with us.