There seems to be a lot of ‘Christmas in July’ themed parties, events and advertising gigs on this month. You’re probably wondering though, what does that have to do with separation and divorce? Well, a few things:

So how is this relevant to you?

Well, bearing in mind the settling of the dust and the length of time it can take to reach an agreement after separation, if you would like to finalise your separation by Christmas, perhaps the middle of the year is when you want to start having a conversation with your partner to reach an agreement about finances and the children?

In starting the conversation now, you could potentially have your separation finalised in time for Christmas to start the New Year off with a new chapter.

In visiting us here on our website, you’d be aware that we’re Dedicated Settlement Lawyers.

We don’t go to Court, instead we formalise agreements reached by couples after separation, that’s our speciality.

We’ll be here when or if you need us to help you formalise your agreement.

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