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Will the Court make a decision for us when we’re in agreement?

We’re worried that if we lodge our agreement with the Court about how we want to divide our finances, the Court will impose a decision on us. Couples and individuals […]

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Trusting An Online Firm: Why

Feeling hesitant about engaging an “online lawyer”? Are you wondering where we are based and what we do at Separate Together? That’s understandable, particularly in today’s society where spam, scams and […]

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Part 2: Will our financial agreement be rejected?

In Part 1, we talked about the process of getting your financial agreement signed off on by the Court Registrar. Now, to talk about what the Registrar considers in order to sign […]

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Part 1: Will our financial agreement be rejected?

“Will our financial agreement be rejected by the Court?” This is a question that we often get asked before a separating individual or couple choose to engage us to prepare […]

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‘Christmas in July’ and Separation: What do they have to do with one another?

There seems to be a lot of ‘Christmas in July’ themed parties, events and advertising gigs on this month. You’re probably wondering though, what does that have to do with separation […]

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Why You Should Get Independent Legal Advice Before You Sign Your Agreement

There are certainly benefits, pros and advantages to having independent legal advice about the deal that you and your partner have reached together and about how the documents formalising your […]

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Lawyers Who Tell You What You Want to Hear

There are lawyers out there, just like car sales people, who will tell you what you want to hear. Perhaps you want to hear how much you’re “entitled” to in the […]

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Separation and Money: The Value of a Great Money Plan

Guest Blog By Scott Paterson, Financial Advisor & Founder of Deep Wealth Going through a separation is a stressful time and, like it or not, money is often front and centre in […]

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Don’t be fooled!

By online financial ‘Separation Agreements’. These are not legally binding, recognised or enforceable. Although cheap, they are wrought with problems! The only way to have your financial agreement recognised is […]

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Divorce checklist

We’ve prepared a checklist of some things to think about in preparation for your separation: Obtain (if you can) copies of your and your partner’s financial documents, including tax returns […]

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