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Making the decision to separate

Making the decision to separate can be hard and it’s scary. The decision requires you to reflect on YOU. The first thing to work out is whether you’re in the […]

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A Year in Review 

The beginning of a new year marks the beginning of a time for reflection—reflection about what one is grateful for, what goals were achieved last year and those that were […]

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Special occasions from your child’s perspective after divorce 

Birthdays are supposed to be the celebration of a person’s birth day—the day that they were brought into the world. I think it ought to be more of a celebration […]

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What do I do next after I’ve separated?  

So the deep soul searching, the romantic weekends away, the date nights and counselling haven’t worked. It’s all been a flop. There is nothing left in the relationship tank; its got […]

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Divorce lawyers: how we avoid the “horribly aggressive lawyering”

We get it. The lawyer stereotype exists for a reason. We probably all know someone who has gone through a horrible divorce, which went on for years and their lawyer charged […]

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Founder listed as a 2018 Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards FINALIST

Founder of Australia’s leading online family law firm, Siobhan Mullins, has been named as a finalist in the Business News Australia 2018 Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards. The Australian Young Entrepreneur […]

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Top 7 mistakes to avoid when going through a divorce

Mistake #1 is rushing the separation or divorce. There needs to be a degree of acceptance by both you and your partner that the relationship is ending before embark on […]

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What does it mean to ‘legally separate’?

The legal definition of ‘separation’ is essentially where a couple in a romantic relationship (being two people, whether the same or different sex) has been ‘brought to an end by […]

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Do I need to tell anyone that we’ve separated? 

We think there is a lack of know-how when it comes to the practical information you need once you or your partner make the decision to separate on a final […]

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Separate Together named as a Finalist in the Canberra Women in Business Awards

Canberra based online business, Separate Together, has been named as a finalist for the Innovation Business Award in this year’s Canberra Women in Business Awards. The firm specialises in working […]

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