Working out what is The Pie: How to 

Regardless of whether you initially see a lawyer or not, one of the things that you’ll need to do is to put together a list of everything you and your partner own and have, whether jointly or in your own separate names. Basically, it’s a list of what savings, cars, motorbikes, real estate, shares, superannuation, […]

Why Separate Together will work for some of you, not all.

I’ve always had a head down, bum up work ethic and approach to life, which started probably before my first job at Baker’s Delight when I was 14. My approach today in how I work, specifically in the family law agreement space, is to #GSD—get stuff done. My firm helps you get the outcome that […]

DIY Application for Consent Orders

For anyone who has had a go at preparing their own financial separation agreement paperwork, you’ll know that the Court’s form is not exactly user friendly. We’re talking specifically about the Application for Consent Orders document (what we call the ‘numbers document’) is a lovely 26 pages long, plus 12 pages of instructions and includes some […]

Deception, Lies & an Amicable Divorce

Deception and lies: numero uno big mistake to having a simple separation or amicable divorce. Let me explain why. One the ‘benefits’ I guess you could call it, in being a family lawyer, is seeing the mistakes that people make when separating that cause the relationship to take a deep turn south. These mistakes can […]

The Middle Man in Family Law: Cut him out

When you go to a lawyer and ask them to prepare the documents to make your separation agreement official, almost undoubtedly that lawyer would’ve prepared such paperwork before. What this means for you is that the lawyer would likely have access to precedents and possibly software that makes the process of formalising separation agreements for […]

Rookie divorce mistakes to avoid

Don’t buy into the presumption that your lawyer knows exactly what to do.  😱😱😱 Your lawyer will have studied law at university, perhaps with another degree or two, have been admitted to the local Court and the High Court, and have worked in law for a number of years (or not). Your lawyer will (or […]

Divorce industry ‘secrets’

There are three big myths that your typical, traditional family lawyer will tell you. Firstly, you need a lawyer; you can’t go through the legal separation process without one. Secondly, divorce and the legal separation process is expensive. Thirdly, you and your separating partner can’t engage the same lawyer because it’s a conflict. For the […]

7 Common Mistakes Made When Deciding Whether to Divorce

Have you ever wanted to know the common mistakes that people make when making a decision about whether to separate? Well, here they are! Mistake #1 Mistake #1 is rushing the separation or divorce. You need to realise that the process of ending of a relationship is like grieving a death. There are five (although […]

A ‘taxing’ divorce: Part 2

In our previous post, we talked about the preparation of tax returns being similar to the traditional process of legally formalising your separation agreement. We say ‘traditional’ because there is a different way of formalising your separation agreement—not the outcome, but the actual process of getting there. What if you only engaged a family lawyer for […]

A ‘taxing’ divorce: Part 1

Divorce, separation and tax. Three words that mean so much and have such a big negative feeling when put together in one sentence. Anyway, moving on. The original title of this post was going to be ‘Why formalising your separation agreement is like doing your taxes’. Catchy title, no? Makes you want to read on? […]