Should I stay or should I go? Your options

Darling you got to let me know. Should I stay or should I go?* It’s a good question. When is the right time to call it quits? Do you feel that you have tried everything to make it work? Have you and your partner explored all possibilities when it comes to working on the relationship? As […]

The AMICABLE Divorce Method

You and your partner can separate and, for lack of a better word, have an amicable divorce. What constitutes an amicable divorce or separation? Well I suppose an amicable divorce or separation is one which is relatively civil and respectful, in spite of any potential tension and discomfort. I’ve developed the AMICABLE Divorce method, which […]

The practicalities of child support agreements

If you and your partner agree to contribute financially towards your kids’ expenses above what the child-support agency (Department of Human Services) may calculate to be your legal obligations, you can make that financial-support agreement official and binding in one of two ways: a limited child support agreement (LSA), or a binding child support agreement […]

Your Plan B: Why it’s important

In any setting, the purpose of negotiation is to achieve a better outcome than if you don’t negotiate. Once the decision to separate or divorce is made, you’ll typically need to go through the motions of a negotiation to achieve an outcome—whether it’s about your financial split, maintenance, financial support for the kids or their […]

Reach a separation agreement without going to court

Typically when a couple separates, there needs to be some agreed outcome reached in relation to the following: If there are children, an agreement about their care arrangements and all things relating to them, including how they’re going to be financially provided for ie. child support (periodic and non-periodic expenses, for example, extracurricular activities, medical […]

A high level explanation of the legal divorce separation process

Your end goal after you or your partner make the decision to divorce or separate, is to reach an agreement together and consider making it official. Couples that end up in court are there because, for whatever reason, they’ve been unable to reach an agreement together, and one of them has asked the court for […]

Making the decision to separate

Making the decision to separate can be hard and it’s scary. The decision requires you to reflect on YOU. The first thing to work out is whether you’re in the right headspace to be making any life-changing decisions right now. The decision to separate can be an easy one for some people, particularly if there […]

A Year in Review 

The beginning of a new year marks the beginning of a time for reflection—reflection about what one is grateful for, what goals were achieved last year and those that were not. It also marks a reflection about what lies ahead for the next 12 months. Here are some of the highlights you could say, about […]

Special occasions from your child’s perspective after divorce 

Birthdays are supposed to be the celebration of a person’s birth day—the day that they were brought into the world. I think it ought to be more of a celebration for the parents though, who’ve created their own human being—what a super power! From your child’s perspective, they have one birthday every year on which the […]

What do I do next after I’ve separated?  

So the deep soul searching, the romantic weekends away, the date nights and counselling haven’t worked. It’s all been a flop. There is nothing left in the relationship tank; its got holes that just can’t be mended and no matter how hard you’ve tried, everything continues to leak. You’ve made the decision to get a divorce […]