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How long will it take?

The answer to this question is, it depends. How long will it take for you to grieve the end of the relationship? How long does it generally take to reach […]

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Why I run backwards (sometimes)

I live right near our lovely man-made lake, Lake Burley Griffin. This 5.5km bridge to bridge is a popular route for many Canberrans, whether to run, walk or even the […]

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Wonder why you can’t DIY your Consent Orders?

Ahhh the Family Court’s DIY Application for Consent Orders Kit. A lovely 22 pages of questions and nine pages worth of instructions. You’re asked to do maths and know whether […]

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ONE THING to do BEFORE you sell the house when separating!

Lately, I’ve come across so many couples who’ve agreed to sell the family home as a part of their financial separation agreement. I always ask- ‘why are you selling?‘. The […]

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Our KISS Method

As a Public Service town, us Canberran locals just love our acronyms. Case in point, our method to help people get clear on the steps involved to separate and make […]

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Have you thought about this year’s Christmas yet?

I said to a couple I met the other week, “It’s almost Christmas”–that is Christmas is ONLY another 10 months away.  We often get asked whether there are peaks and […]

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Imagine this—the Family Court as a Business (!)

Just imagine if the Family Court was treated as a business. You might be thinking—whaaat? The Government making money out of an emotional and financially vulnerable time in separating couples’ […]

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Canberrans – you need to read and consider this before selling your home!

The Canberra real estate market is going nuts.   We’re seeing couples sell their family home or buy a new home for themselves left, right and centre after separating, but all […]

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To celebrate or not to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

It’s that time of year again… the chocolate hearts and roses have hit the shelves and you’re either planning an extravagant day to remember or planning on forgetting the day even exists…  Whether you love […]

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Experience Versus Outcome

I’ve made it well known to my friends and family that I absolutely loathe going to a particular place to get supplies for work. I find the premises dirty, the […]

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