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Separate Together named as a Finalist in the Canberra Women in Business Awards

Canberra based online business, Separate Together, has been named as a finalist for the Innovation Business Award in this year’s Canberra Women in Business Awards. The firm specialises in working […]

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Women in Law Finalist

Siobhan Mullins, Director of Separate Together, has been named as a finalist for the Lawyers Weekly Sole Practitioner of the Year category at the 2018 Women in Law Awards, one […]

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Making The Pie Split Official 

When it comes to making your agreement about how you’ll split The Pie official, you’d be looking at doing this by way of Financial Consent Orders. The Consent Orders allow […]

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Splitting The Pie: How to 

So, you’ve worked out The Pie—what’s available to be split between you and your partner, as well as how much things are worth or what’s owing on debts. The next […]

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You’ve worked out The Pie. Now What? 

Having purchased The Pie, you now have an idea about all of the assets, debts and superannuation that you’re aware of and the values, as well as whether there are […]

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Working out what is The Pie: How to 

Regardless of whether you initially see a lawyer or not, one of the things that you’ll need to do is to put together a list of everything you and your […]

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Why Separate Together will work for some of you, not all.

I’ve always had a head down, bum up work ethic and approach to life, which started probably before my first job at Baker’s Delight when I was 14. My approach […]

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DIY Application for Consent Orders

For anyone who has had a go at preparing their own financial separation agreement paperwork, you’ll know that the Court’s form is not exactly user friendly. We’re talking specifically about the […]

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Deception, Lies & an Amicable Divorce

Deception and lies: numero uno big mistake to having a simple separation or amicable divorce. Let me explain why.   One the ‘benefits’ I guess you could call it, in […]

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The Middle Man in Family Law: Cut him out

When you go to a lawyer and ask them to prepare the documents to make your separation agreement official, almost undoubtedly that lawyer would’ve prepared such paperwork before. What this […]

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