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Airtasker is NOT the answer


Say whaaaaat?

How is Airtasker remotely related to separation and divorce?

Let me explain.

The other week I bought a furniture flatpack for the office. It arrived and needless to say, it was huge. It came in five boxes.

Now people routinely underestimate me, but I’ll try my hand at almost anything. For those of you who know me, I even had a good go at demo’ing my new work premises earlier this year to do a new fit out.

But, having completed my handywork quota for the year, I decided that I would outsource the laborious, time-consuming, horrendous task of trying to put together this flatpack to someone who would enjoy doing it, do it better than me and much faster.

And so I jumped on Airtasker.

If you’re not familiar with Airtasker, it’s a website where you can post those crappy, odd jobs that you need help with, setting your own budget. People put their hand up to complete your job and you take it from there.

I had a personally great experience using Airtasker on this occasion, and so I went to submit a second odd job just tonight.

Now, what piqued my interest was a job that I saw, where the person posting the job asked for help in understanding ‘the law of remedy’.

It got me thinking, how many other legal related questions or jobs are on Airtasker?

Well, when I typed ‘law’ into the search bar and, low and behold, there were a good 30 within my area. And there were about eight asking for divorce, separation and family law related help. And the people who had posted the job, had proposed an amount that they were prepared to pay for help, and we’re talking upwards of a $100 here.

First off

…There is no Airtasker badge for being qualified as a lawyer.

You do not know who or what you’re getting. You’re paying for something that you don’t actually know whether you can rely on.

And what if you rely on what the job applicant has told you to do or prepared for you, and it all goes horribly wrong? There’s a reason that lawyers are required to have professional indemnity insurance. It’s because it protects YOU in the event that they do something wrong and you suffer.


You’ve worked hard for money. Don’t you think you deserve to know that what you choose to spend it on is legitimate and will actually help you?


I am all about returning the buying power to the people. But, the thing is, you don’t know what you don’t know. As a job poster, you might think you need help with just one aspect of your separation, but the reality is you need far more help than you realise. It’s like when a couple say to me that their agreement is simple. I nod and say yes, fully cognisant though that the drafting of the paperwork to make the agreement is simple is actually fairly complex in order to give the couple the appropriate protections they need and deserve.

Only a legitimate, experienced family lawyer would be able to properly assess what it is that you in fact need, and then educate you as to why, so then you can make an informed buying decision.

I’ve seen it go wrong time and time again when people try to completely DIY their divorce and separation. No-one wants to go it alone, the system is not designed for people to truly DIY it.

I know and I get it—you don’t want a traditional lawyer helping you; you just want someone who knows the family law system and process, who can help you get through it in a way that is simple and easy.

I’m not going to tell you not to post a job for separation or divorce help on Airtasker, but I will say this. You can get free, legitimate family law advice and guidance (where the lawyer has appropriate insurances in place) without having to resort to an online platform like Airtasker.

Check out:

  • Your Local Women’s Legal Centre
  • Legal Aid in your State or Territory
  • Your Family Court Registry, where there is a duty aid lawyer
  • Family Relationships Australia