We believe that you can gracefully end what was a beautiful beginning to your relationship by separating together.

With the impacts of separation and divorce being intergenerational, we’re here to help you make positive life changing decisions for the betterment of yourself, your partner and children and your family’s future generations. 

By making the complexity and anxiety of separating simple and easy, you can achieve the very best outcomes for you and your family. It means you’ll be able to look back with pride on this milestone and set out on a new path of living truly fulfilled lives that benefit our community and world. 

Our success is based on the outcomes we help you to achieve. 

Hey there, I'm Siobhan Mullins

Thanks for visiting our About Us page.

I’m the Director and founder of Separate Together.

I know that from my eight+ years’ work as a family lawyer that separating couples don’t want a full-on legal intervention when it comes to their break-up. As one client put it, “the law has no business in the bedroom”.

What couples want is support, understanding and a clear framework to help them at one of life’s most vulnerable and uncertain times. And that’s what we, the Separate Together Team, do to make the complexity and anxiety of separating simple and easy.

#Team Separate Together

Small teams make for a personalised and supportive experience & service. 

And you get exactly that with us.


Kate Ware

Client Relations


Kate is our specialist Client Relations team member. She is the first person you speak with and the one who gives you the immediate clarity & guidance on your next steps.

Yasmin Fabricante

Client Relations Support


Yasmin is your accountability team member, helping you GSD (get stuff done). You'll always know what's next because Yasmin provides you with what you need, the follow ups and updates.

Siobhan Mulllins

Founder & Director


As your lawyer, Siobhan helps you understand what's possible in the bounds of the law, shares ideas to maximise your agreement outcomes and gives effect to your agreement on paper.

Points of Difference

Work together with your partner*

Your agreement paperwork is prepared in a middle-ground balanced way. 

Communications between everyone is above board and transparent. 

*Only possible where there have been no instances/history of safety concerns and abusive behaviours.


Easy & Understandable

You understand because we talk and write in plain English. 

With short engaging videos, you don’t have to read much, so you spend less time and energy on formalising your separation.

Budget & clarity

We don’t tolerate abuse or harassment of any kind-towards us or one another. You feel comfortable and safe with the approach, and you have the accountability, support and guidance that you need.

With one fixed price, you have certainty and control over cost.

Sort your agreement in weeks, not months.

With us leveraging technology, our systems and processes, not only do you achieve a faster outcome you have an overall better experience. 

On average, couples who work with us have their agreements made official within 3.5 weeks of our engagement.


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successfully separated clients
$ 100000 +
saved in legal fees

*Based on our estimate and experience where couples who use lawyers to help them reach an agreement, avoiding court, spend on average approximately $20,000 total  (2020).